tis the season stupid

You know what really burns my biscuits?  Obvious weather reports presented as newsworthy.  Oh my god!  There’s an arctic blast coming in during December?  What is this madness?  It hasn’t been this cold since twelve months ago?  You mean this time last year, when it was also December and I don’t know, like winter and supposed to get cold?  I know, I know meteorologists are like the nerds of the broadcast world and you guys only get the limelight during blizzards and tornadoes.  I get that like midlife crisis suffering baby boomers everywhere you feel the need to spice things up before life passes you by and you’re toes up in a hole somewhere.  However, why don’t you go on a spiritual retreat or get a red convertible or something and give us the seven day straight minus the chicken little bullshit?  Burnt biscuits never killed anyone and rarely does a cold front.

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