the spy who shagged who

You know what really burns my biscuits? Factual gymnastics. Now I have fully resigned myself to the fact, that maybe I really am just a stupid dumb idiot, residing in dumbass dipshitville population me. Mostly, I’m fine with that, so at the risk of alerting my illustrious audience of this not so dirty secret, I must say WTF? How is it that being “incidentally” captured speaking to foreign agents, is “Thanks Obama, Obama’s fault” again? Shouldn’t that raise some little red flags, that maybe you were talking to some of those people Mama always warned you about? Like isn’t this one of those self inflicted fuel to the fire situations? Much like when, one has genitally related to some undesirable and instead of sticking to Watch You Talkin’ About Willis, they lose their cool and through an unfortunate, agitated slip of the tongue admit some coyote ugly guilt? Burnt biscuits never killed anyone, but if it looks like a turd and it smells like a turd, maybe it’s a turd?

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