love for the fast lane

You know what really burns my biscuits? Toll lanes being slow lanes. Like if I pay for a bypass pass, I shouldn’t have to decelerate to school zone speeds to pass through the toll booth. The whole point is convenience and not having to be held up by quarter pillager wraiths haunting the hi-jacked highway. What’s the difference between me throwing change into an over-sized, glorified donation funnel? Zippa-dee-do-zip. I’m not looking for a road paved in gold, but I would like a little ease for my cheese. Burnt biscuits never killed anyone, but I might.

One thought on “love for the fast lane”

  1. OH my Gosh i got a ticket for driving thru a toll tag lane when i have a tolltag and the first time i went thru, I didn’t know if I could cuz it’s from Texas and I was in Illinois (note the ill for ill attitudes) on my way to Michigan and the tollbooth fairy said that i could use my toll tag and acted as if i was really wasting her booth time. So i went through the next ones and got a bill for 42.33 or they’re gonna arrest my ass. You cain’t win for losin!!!!!!

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