late breaking absurdity

You know what really burns my biscuits?  The fatuous nature of the news.  Like it’s hard for me to take seriously an organization that utilizes phrases commonly found on urban dictionary and vapid millennial stream of consciousness vomitations.  I literally saw a CNN breaking news banner that rhetorically asked if, “Obama was throwing shade on Hillary?”  Throwing shade.  You’re not the fucking Wendy Williams show CNN, ergo that shit is no bueno and less than confidence inducing.  If, with all of the myriad goings on of our vast and varied planet, this is the best you can come up with, maybe your 24 hour privileges need to be taken away.  Maybe if there was less time to fill, we could end up with something more worthwhile than so much telecasted turdarrhea.  Burnt biscuits never killed anyone, but let’s raise the bar.

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