cry wolf cry babies

You know what really burns my biscuits? This rampant condition of the butt hurt variety currently plaguing America. You can dislike Kathy Griffin for her ginger nature or so called shitty brand of female comedy catering to the queer set or whatever other nasty things you wanna say about her, I suppose, but really, Trump Slayer? Come the Kellyanne Conway on. Ted Nugent made his feelings about “Not My President Obama” abundantly clear throughout his tenure and even with his penchant for guns and dead things, not once did I really consider him a threat. They’re both just people with a platform who have made a name via incendiary actions. Let it go. Bill Maher made a joke. You can debate the quality of it, but not the context. If that’s hate speech, then I better start washing my mouth out right now from all of the just kidding, not kidding, but am I kidding angry birds I let loose about our Flaming Cheeto Commander In Chief on the daily. Burnt biscuits never killed anyone and free speech doesn’t come with a warm fuzzies guarantee.

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